Dental Care Set for Cat

Main Features:

✔️Toothbrush For Small to Medium Cat
✔️Fresh Vanilla Mint Flavor Toothpaste
✔️Gently Cleans Away Plaque and Tartar
✔️Relieve Bad Breath
✔️Cleans and Whitens Cat's Teeth

3-Piece Set

A complete kit to start a program of regular oral hygiene for pet.
Daily brushing provides the very best in home dental care for your pet.

Two Toothbrushes for Meticulous Care

Large head toothbrush for cleaning tooth surfaces
Small toothbrush head cleans the small gaps in the teeth

Uses Safety Formula

The toothpaste formula does not contain foaming agents, which is not easy to harm the health of cats.

Solve Cat's Oral Problem

Cleans the tartar on the surface of the teeth, removes yellow teeth, plaque and also maintains a healthy mouth.

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