Banana Silicone Teether

Main Features:

✔️ Made of hypo- allergenic 100% quality food grade silicone
✔️ Tasteless, nontoxic, environmentally friendly, hygienic, safe and durable
✔️ BPA, Latex and phthalate free
✔️ With easy to grasp banana peel handles
✔️ Helps to massage baby's gum and soothe baby's pain of teething

Gentle Massaging

The soft, flexible brush gently massages teeth and gums and helps protect young mouth that are still learning the habits of oral care.

Soft Silicone

The flexible silicone material used to make these products help reduce the risk of mouth injury.
These products are BPA, latex, and phthalate-free, so they are perfectly safe for babies and newborn children.

Oral Hygiene Habits

Banana Silicone Teether training brushes help to develop good oral hygiene habits at a very young age.
When not being used to cleanse your baby's mouth, the brush makes a great toy for playing and teething.

Great for Babies and Infants

This toy works great for 12-month-old children and younger.
Both boy and girl babies can enjoy the company of this Banana Brush Teether as they develop.
Recommended Age: 3-12 months


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