7 Pairs Teeth Whitening Strips

Main Features:

- Professional-level Teeth Whitening

- Result That Last 12 Months & Beyond

- Removes 14 Years of Stains

Get A Brighter Smile!

Adopt innovative reactive oxygen teeth whitening technology. Effectively remove years of tough coffee, wine, and smoking-related teeth stains. Make your smile brighter instantly!

Comes with a mild and pleasant mint flavor, and the ultra-thin and soft strips fit your teeth nicely. You can use it when watching TV, reading a book, taking the subway, etc.

Perfectly Safe For Anyone

Our Teeth Cleaning Strips are non-irritating to teeth. Our Whitening Strips effectively remove intrinsic and extrinsic teeth stains. Makes your teeth whitening process safe and convenient.

How To Use

The Teeth Cleaning Strips with reduced-sensitivity ingredients for sensitive teeth never irritate your mouth! Use 4-5 times a week under normal circumstances, and 3-4 times for sensitive teeth, can effectively remove years of tough set-in stains with naturally derived ingredients.

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